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Photo Booths: Traditional vs. 360

When it comes to choosing a photo booth for your event, the decision often comes down to Traditional but modern Photo Booths, like an open-air photo booth versus the 360 Photo Booths.


Classic Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth




Easy to Setup

Often needs assistance


Nostalgic and fun

Modern and futuristic


Instant Prints


Space Requirements

Less Space

More Space

Guest Waiting time



Traditional Photo Booths - Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Traditional booths are budget-friendly with prices starting at 1700SEK, easy to set up, and perfect for smaller and bigger events. They offer instant photo strips as a souvenir, that often ends up on the fridge and takes you often back to that magical evening.

  • Cons: These booths often only capture still photos compared to the 360 booths.

360 Photo Booths - Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: 360 booths provide an immersive experience, capturing guests in slow motion from all angles. They are versatile, capable of both stills and videos.

  • Cons: However, they are more expensive, and require a more complex setup and larger operational space. They aren't the best for bigger events due to it taking a long time to use and creates a long queue. Which makes it better for small events. And the memories from a 360 is only in a digital format.

In Summary:

Traditional photo booths are cost-effective and straightforward, ideal for all kind of events, such as company events or weddings.

360 booths, on the other hand, offer a dynamic experience but come with a higher price tag and more logistical considerations.

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