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Spread your message with Betty.

Betty Booth offers long-term solutions for your club, hotel, shopping center or tour.

Get the photo booth completely customized with your own unique design. After that Betty Booth is ready to work for you.

Photo strips are printed directly with your own message.

Powerful marketing

The user receives the images both physically and to their phone, via a flexible QR code.


Also discover the possibility of collecting hundreds of email addresses via the photo booth for further marketing.

Send out offers, newsletters, and above all continue to communicate with customers who have already interacted with you.

Classical photo strips

Retro style photo strips are more relevant today than ever. The strips end up on your guests refrigerators, walls, social media, etc.

The perfect way to spread your message.

On-screen Branding

Spread your message directly on the screen, or display your sponsors.

In-photo Branding

Mark the photo strips with your own or your sponsor's logo, photos that are massively spread on social media

On-screen Swish function

Integrate Swish payment in the photo booth and increase your income! Guests pay directly via the screen and then receive two photo strips printed directly on the spot.


Customize the photo strips with your logo to offer guests fun memories to take home while creating an effective marketing opportunity for your business.

Massive spread on social media

-The user receives the images both physically and to their mobile phone, via a flexible QR-code.

- Post the pictures on your website for increased traffic.


Perfect for parties & events! Easy to use, self-going! It was something everyone gathered around. Truly an easy way to create a good atmosphere. The best option on the market! 🌟


Alexander Koste

We got a Betty Booth for our lobby, and since then it has steadily collected email addresses and phone numbers to which we send offers and other information, works amazing for us!


Karin Källström


Fun service that was appreciated by the guests. Convenient to be able to pick up and drop off yourself. Professional handling and quick assistance. I can really recommend Betty Booth.


Alexander Erwik

I've used Bettybooth several times and I'm super happy with them - everything is easy and smooth. Betty Booth is super popular among all of our clients and guests. It should also be said that the machine is sleek, modern and easy to use compared to others on the market. 


Leon Jiber

Where is Betty?

You can find us in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. And via postal order for the rest of Sweden.


Upplagsvägen 29

117 43, Stockholm


Lundavägen 70

212 25, Malmö


Manufakturgatan 5 

417 07, Göteborg

Sent via postal order to the rest of Sweden

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