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Betty Light

Elevate your party with our Betty Light! From only DKK 1100

Thinner, lighter and with free shipping and return, regardless of where you are in Denmark.


Using a QR code on the screen, you can access your images directly on your phone to save or share on social media. The images can also be printed afterwards if you want them as physical images aswell.



Can't make the pick up in Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg?

Don't worry! Rent our Betty Light!

Betty Light is a flexible and simple Photo Booth that is sent to you wherever you are in Sweden to your nearest post office. Weighing only 4 kg, Betty Light is easy to transport and available for all kinds of parties and events.


Let Betty Light be part of your wedding, party or business event and create unforgettable memories.

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Made in Sweden

Our new photo booth is of course Swedish-made just like the regular Betty Booth. This is in line with our goal to reduce emissions and work for a sustainable environment.

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Free shipping and returns

Betty Light is sent via postal order and can therefore be delivered wherever you are in Sweden free of charge, to your nearest post office. Of course, the return is also included.

No photo-limit

With Betty Light you can take as many photos as you like! All the photos are then collected directly into an online gallery that you can easily share with your guests.

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Why Betty Light? 

Access your photos instantly via a QR-code on the screen!

With Betty Light, you can experience instant access to your images through the screen using our convenient QR code.


Capture your unforgettable moments and receive them on your phone within seconds of shooting, ideal for instantly sharing your joyful moments on social media.

Free shipping and returns for all of Denmark

With Betty Light, both shipping and return are included, regardless of where you are in Denmark. The Photo Booth is sent to your nearest post office at least one day before your event and then it is sent back in the same box the following weekday. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Customize your ultimate experience

Betty Light provides a customized experience with unlimited photos and a personal online gallery. It is also possibile to have your photos printed and delivered to you after the event.

Entertainment for all types of events

Betty Light captures and shares fun moments at your party, creating unforgettable experiences of joy, laughter and lasting memories.

Made in Scandinavia!
Just like our regular Betty Booth machine, the Betty Light is made by us here in Scandinavia.

With a super slim design and a weight of only 4 kg, Betty Light is the perfect entertainment for all kinds of events.

Ready to rent Betty Light?
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