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Technical difficulties?

Most things can be solved in a few minutes:

1. if the lights around the screen are not lit, your power outlet is probably not working. the power is powering the lights + printer, so the screen can work without power. 


2. Blurred photos? Betty is designed to illuminate objects at a maximum distance of 1.5m. If you stand too far away, the light won't reach, which can result in blurry images.


3. Restart the screen - Press the ON button (see picture), hold for about 10 seconds, until a dialog box appears. - Now swipe down on the screen - that will turn the screen off. - Then start the screen again with the same button. Wait for about 5 minutes until Betty starts up again.


4. If you've completed everything above but the photo booth is still not working, please call:  +46 381 773 329

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